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DH II Ny make-up(EN)

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What you will need:
Matte Foundation
Face Powder
Black Eyeshadow
Gold Eyeshadow
Liqud Black Eyeliner
Gold Leaf
Rose Lipstick
Pink Cream Blush

Step 1: Apply your foundation to your face, all around so you have smooth base.

Step 2:
a: To each eye lid, apply black eyeshadow. Cover the whole lid and bring the color out to make a cat eye look. (Optional: to copy Emma's Exact look, bring color to the top inside corner of your eyes). Use a smaller brush and dust a third of the under lid on the outside corner.
b: Now apply the gold eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eye, lightly dusting to the half way point of your eyes.

Step 3:
Apply liquid black eyeliner to top and bottom waterlines, forming a solid circle.

Clean your eyes with a fan brush to dust off and loose powder from the eye shadow.

Step 4:
Get your gold leaf flakes and break off very small peices. Use a very thin and small stick to apply the small pieces. Place 5 - 7 pieces to the outer corner of each eye.
Tip: Use a small about of vaseline to make the flakes stick.

Step 5:
Apply Black Mascara to to the top and bottom lashes. A couple coats will suit. A very subtle amount of pink blush should be applied to the check ones. Finish the look with dusting face powder on your face, avoiding your eyes, and applying rose lipstick.

Nma awards make-up(EN)

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What you will need:
Face Powder
Metallic Eye Shadow
Liqud Black Eyeliner
Peach Blush
Rose Colored Lipstick

Step 1: Start by applying a light coat of foundation to your skin in a matching tone. Set with a light dusting of face powder or sheer finish loose powder.

Step 2: Smear a metallic gold eyeshadow all around the eyes. Line your top lids with a thin line of black eyeliner, then curl eyelashes and apply two coats of black mascara.

Step3: Dust a peach blush on the apples of your cheeks, and finish with a swipe of matte lipstick.

DH II After party

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HP7 II Press

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